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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

So I did a handful of Christmas themed images this December before I got… preoccupied by a certain ornament project.  One of which has become a series that may continue after the holidays featuring a leather daddy Santa Claus and his BDSM reindeer boys.

Everyone talks about getting lumps of coal when you're bad, they don't talk about being spirited away to the North Pole and transformed into Santa's personal reindeer boy.

I’m such a sucker when it comes to chastity and chaps.  This was a fun image to work on, I had the chance to try out a few details I’d seen in other people’s art.  Specifically the pelt of hair on Santa’s chest, which is a technique I picked up from Grisser.


Dasher told Santa what he wanted for Christmas this year, so Santa gave it to him right then and there.

Inspired by an animated gif of a guy really reaming a dude’s ass with a candy cane dildo, I knew I had to do make take on that too.


Santa gets what he wanted for Christmas this year... again... and again...

Getting a bit kinkier here.  Santa is using a combination anal bead lube injector.  Seems like Prancer is responding favorably.  I had a bit of trouble with this one.  The upward perspective means there’s no horizon line, no grounding.  It was hard for me to imagine where their bodies were in space.  I pushed through regardless however… I did this shortly before giving up on commissions until the extra stress of other projects was set aside.


Translation: "I have a secret boner." "How about you pound my fat ass with that stiff dog cock of yers."

This picture is fantastic.  Simple shading, some strong expressive bodies, and pictographic dialogue.  All my personal favorites when it comes to artwork.  Also apparently Goofy is hung as fuck and Pete is a dominate bottom.


Krampus makes lewd masturbation motions at a stranger on a winter evening.

Another piece of work I did for the same commissioner as the previous one.  Originally he wanted a sequel to the Pete and Goofy image, but while we were talking came to conclusion that he REALLY wanted to see Krampus (the nefarious stealer of naughty children from ancient Christmas lore) drunk and lusty.  This picture was actually part of a terrible Painter crash that made me lose all my progress.  All of it.  I started again a few days later and remade it faster than before.  On top of that I also now have a fail safe for crashes and work loss.  So, net gain!


Santa getting really pumped up for the holidays.

The image that started it all.  I made this to advertise that I was taking Christmas themed commissions at a special discount rate.  Very kinky and strange, so I saved it for last.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holidays or a whatever the fuck.  More like a… winters here let’s all make believe snow is nice and not totally bullshit crap weather.

Batch of Art with Color

Batch of Art with Color

This week has involved some forays into color I don’t normally do.  Like before, some works just call for it.  Seems like the calls are getting louder and more frequent, or my ability to resist them has dulled.  Either way, it all started with these…
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Fresh Batch of Commissioned Work

Fresh Batch of Commissioned Work

Here’s all the work I did in November, after Halloween, since there was some carry over there.  A variety of work in the usual themes.  Orcs and ogres, demons and trolls, a furry here, a rule 34 there.  I’m going to try and upload these more often, doing giant batches of these makes it difficult to write individual descriptions, like you might see with my work on other sites.

I always love working with orcs, their expressions are so exaggerated.  Tusks make everything better.  I’m also very partial to locker room scenes.  I had fun adding the background details, the random orcs in various states of undress.  It gives this image that… shameless public sexual expression.  Orcs don’t care, they’ll fuck where they want.
As an added layer of kink, the guy penetrating is the adoptive father of the other.

A continuation of the scarecrow piece that I drew during Halloween, showing just what exactly is done with the torsos of the men used in the scarecrow.  Here Screwjob, the troll, has his disassociated head attached to a scepter.  Made to do all manner of kinky acts with his mouth.  That is his body being fucked as well.  The picture pretty much speaks for itself.  The dwarf is a powerful CEO of a company in the Shadow Run universe.  At one point I was planning an expansive comic detailing Screwjob’s capture by this devious dwarf.  However that story was too big a project, so now there’ll just be one off images like this here and there, showing the highlights of what the CEO does with the troll.

I’m usually hesitant to do Rule 34 of characters from games or shows I haven’t experienced for myself, however these guys were simple and cute.  Brewmaster and Bountyhunter from DOTA2.  The designs for these characters are just proof that Valve is awesome at everything they do.

I’ve been doing a fair amount of work for Darkfox, a guy who has a pair of characters who I like.  Tucker, the fat racoon is a nice contrast to Darkfox’s lean build.

Darkfox had me to do two images.  He is very partial to the big chubby guys, like me, so these pictures always try and show off that belly.

These is every kind of hot.  These two are half orc half ogre (ogrc?) and twin brothers.  So there’s that incestuous kink again.  Frankly, I don’t think I did a good enough job showing that.  I feel like they should be ganglier, more disproportionate and monstrous.  Ahh well, they’ve got long accommodating foreskins, and that’s what matters most.  Seriously though, these foreskins are not natural.  These guys walk around with heavy metals tied to the end of their dicks with leather and other animal sinew.  They live out in nature, cave dwelling types.  I surely should draw these two again…

Now here’s an image I did of Goblin and Orc buggery.  Or a “Goblin’s Orc-Riding Masterclass.”  The size difference is a bit interesting, orcs being well above average human height and goblins being well below.  Again, these goblins and orcs just don’t feel monstrous enough for me.  Sure the goblin has a big head, hands, and feet… and the orcs are large, muscled, and have fat cocks, but they’re not quite far enough from average human dudes.  Things to work on.

Here’s the first part of a series I did for a guy, featuring his two dicked demon fellah.  Here he’s dominating a redneck trucker.  The trucker is becoming some kind of demi-demon under his influence.

The conclusion, the trucker is now his eternal slave in hell.  Boy do I love drawing demons.  They’re like everything sexy.

I love this picture, big alien dudes getting milked, definitely a favorite of mine.  I don’t think I’ll be doing any more artwork of these four armed guys.  The anatomy drives me crazy.  Seems like this batch of commissions is loaded with guys with extra dicks.  If that’s your thing enjoy, I know I do appreciate it from time to time.  Although in both cases they’ve been beyond believable size.

Another picture of Screwjob.  He’s wagging it at a furry who is running some kind of tournament that secretly enslaves all the contestants.  You know how furries are.  Am I saying they’re all rapists?  Possibly.  Screwjob’s mad about something else though, can’t remember the specifics.

And that’s everything I’ve drawn in November.  I think that I’ll start updating on a more weekly basis, so I won’t have to sit down for an hour and come up with descriptions for these things all at once.