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D&D line-up

D&D line-up

I did a series of height charts depicting the seven standard playable races in fantasy role playing.  Of course I took some liberties here and there.  Some influence from D&D and Pathfinder’s rule sets, and jumping off into my own design with the gnomes.

It's like saying "what a rogue!"

Human and Elf Males holding the tools of their trade.

These two are great, but the differences are so obvious.  Human is messy, with hair and scruff everywhere.  Delightfully rogue-ish.  The elf is smooth and all his muscles are defined, his hair is a writhing prehensile mass of perfect leaves.  No stray hairs.

chubby and chewy

They look so carefree, don't they?

Half-elves and half-orcs have problems fitting in.  Typically anyhow.  I drew them here, without a care in the world.  Not tied down to one world or another.  Part of me imagines that these are a tryouts for a porno in a modern set fantasy world.  Let’s me give these guys more specific character, instead of presenting them as the epitome of a “race.”  That’s such an absurd notion anyway.  The half-elf I imagine as a kind of hippy hipster.  Walks around barefoot most of the time, and when he’s not he’s mountain boarding through the woods.  (that’s skateboarding, but with wheels designed for rougher terrain.  It’s a real thing you guys!)  The half-orc is a straight forward guy, he’s not coy about sex, and is busy fondling himself right away.

three short guys

I had the halfling grouped with the half-elf and half-orc as a joke, but his height difference was just too jarring.

I like the subtle personalities of these fellas.  The gnome especially with his raised eye brow and apparent annoyance.  He makes a perfect librarian.  The design for the gnome was something of a struggle, because I wanted to do something a little more unique.  Which is always a risk with these kinds of things.  If it defies the audiences definition of what makes a thing a thing, people just roll there eyes and say “yeah right.”  Take those Twilight Vampires for example.  So giving the gnome monkey like characteristics might turn a few people off, but I think it makes a kind of sense.

Dick size for this line up was an issue I addressed by not giving too much of a fuck about it.  In the end, when I was working on the halfling, I decided that “hey screw it, I’ll give them all the same average size.”  Not all of them are fully erect either, so that kinda confuses things.  Needless to say, halfling came about a little better than everyone, making his penis to body size ratio a bit… skewed.  Also I made the half-orc and dwarves nuts a bit … large.  Whatever, I’m pleased with the general similarities in size.  Any variation can be attributed to normal size variation, because guess what fantasy role playing games, people are not templates!

First Batch of 2013

First Batch of 2013

After taking a short break in December that turned out more debilitating than relaxing, I am back to work on commissions.  Happy to be working again, here’s the first batch of work I’ve produced for a handful of commissioners.

Half-orc and Dwarf on their honeymoon

This half orc alchemist merely has an enlarged endowment

D&D races have funky proportions, so it’s not surprising I look at this and think “augh, something’s wrong!”  Maybe it’s the size of the half orc’s head and face.  Ahh well, here’s the alternate version…

Honeymoon is joined by a friend

A second massive cock for entertaining guests.

This character has two wieners, on account of all the chemicals he’s drank.  Because magical alchemy BS!  But hey, I’d drink a potion if I thought it’d grow me an extra penis.

somewhere in the digital world...

Ogremon prepares to challenge his rival

I never quite had an appreciate of Ogremon. In fact, when I was younger and watched the shows for non-perverted reasons, I specifically disliked this character because of his voice and his proportions. Now it seems he’s a bit more to my tastes. The exaggerated proportions were at least, a nice change of pace. Something I’ve been meaning to try more of anyhow.  This eventually led to more body exaggeration experiments that were very fruitful.

he's a cowboy

Milking never felt so good

His genitals have literally transformed into boobs that make male ejaculate. Yay! Also those aliens are rad and I have a wip picture of their full design sitting around here. Looking at them now, they kind of look like those things from The Maxx.  This is also my first and probably last udder boy.  Was fun to do something out of the ordinary, but the idea just doesn’t linger with me.

exceeding expectations

A follow up to the casual bathtime handjob

An orc finds a lover in his minotaur friend as they bathe. He might have inspected his size beforehand… ahhh well. You know what they say about orcs, they were the original inspiration for the magic behind bags of holding. Gay wizards made a lot of discoveries in magic that we take for granted today.

Fairy Prince uses "scary disarming roar" ... it's super effective!

Don’t solo a fight against Gworkolon the fairy prince. Also, all fairy princes have extremely smooth scrotum. That’s the tell.  This image was inspired by another image I was working on at the time, you will probably see around before the end of the month.

and by apology I mean blowjob

Styx's thorough apology

I can’t really talk about the setting for this, as it involves spoilers for the game Of Orcs and Men.

The short of is, Styx the goblin is apologizing to his orc pal Arkail. The most genuine apologies are the hardest to swallow… your pride. ;-D


augmented wedgie

Four augmented arms make for a terrifying foe.

Not much to say about this, except that it involves some kind of ben10 creature with deus ex: human revolution style augmentations.

you get used to the taste of pee

A demon with his head and massive lusty cock swapped placed.

I originally wanted to put his head on upside down, I may just yet. But for now, this version exists as per the commissioners instructions. I’ll probably be doing more with this design, so… I won’t bore you with details about a story that might change or evolve later.

So that’s that.  All wrapped up.  Actually… I should post some more, because I’ve a giant line up of seven characters to show.  Look forward to it!