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A handful of dwarves.

A handful of dwarves.

Sexy Dwarf Stripper

Did a series of dwarves recently.  Had a lot of fun with it.  Ever since I did that D&D line up, I just couldn’t get the taste for ’em out of my head.  So here’s a sexy stripper dwarf, wearing a leather skirt adorned with metal rings.

Two Dwarves, lovers, exchanging gifts.

These two were commissioned by a nice guy who had a neat story about dwarves he wanted illustrated.  So here is Brojoh and Brannhalf, giving each other the gift of alcohol and leather harness.  That culminates in the next image in the second half of the series below.

Terrific drunken dwarf butt fuckin'!

 The final image I have to share was the third commission that was asked of me after I drew that fine lookin’ stripper dwarf.

Beard in one hand, belly in the other.

A simple treatment of a character the commission had on his mind, that needed rendering for the world to see.  Glad I could assist.  He sure is a cutie!

A flood of art

A flood of art

If only I would upload these one at a time, it’d be so much easier to write descriptions for each of them.  Instead you guys get an image dump like this.  Because I don’t care enough to go back and remember just what my thoughts were on each of these.