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Seven Naughty Dwarves

Seven Naughty Dwarves

So a frequent commissioner recently approached me with an idea. He wanted something special for the 20th image he’s gotten from me. Which… jeez thinking about it, that’s quite a lot. So he had this idea to do some R34 of all seven of the dwarves from that obscure and little known cartoon…

Naughty Doc and Naughty Happy

Doc always has those rolled up sleeves, Happy has a fat ass, the conclusion was as logical as porn gets.

Naughty Grumpy, Naughty Sleepy, and Naughty Bashful

Kinda obvious roles again. Although these play much more into their personality traits.

Naughty Dopey and Naughty Sneezey

Sneezy is keeping his sneezes in with his beard tied up around his nose. Seems the pressure built up somewhere else…

These were all done without major shading, making them more suitable for coloring. If anyone wants to do that, be my guest.

A Summer of Porn

A Summer of Porn

Had quite a few commissions and other images. Here are five of the commissions I’ve done recently. I have more to share, but they’re themed and deserve their own post.

Lamia are to hypnosis as fish are to water

Part of many commissions I’ve done for Zsisron recently. Still not sure what my feelings are on hypnosis. I’ve gotten a lot of requests for it lately, probably from all the images I’ve done for Zsisron that feature it. The fantasy is… like I get it a totally willing a compliant sexual partner. Something about that though just doesn’t click in my brain.

This big ape dude is totally dreamy though. Again, TONS of snake details here. Although I am figuring out shortcuts to make drawing scales easier. Like keeping the details concentrated around the edges.

Fantasy Romance never looked so beefy

These two are cute. The size difference between them is three parts adorable to 5 parts incredibly hot. There’s a thought in my head that demands I explore these kinds of characters wrestling. Dwarves wrestling giant bull men. Not just in a sexual way, but also… in a sexual way.

That foot. It makes sense, but it looks wrong. I don’t know how else I could have posed it though. End of self critique.

Cum sucking plants are pretty typical flora in furry-land

Move along move along, nothing to see here.

Drawn mostly zoomed out at %50. Looks kinda funky at full resolution. But seriously what are you looking so close for?

Shadowrun / Adventure time cross over... somehow.

So this is great. What started as a generic fantasy themed image of an orc shaman forcing an elf paladin to become the host for a wolf spirit… became a much more modern fantasy themed image set in Shadowrun, where an orc shaman forces a party goer to become the host for a wolf spirit. Also, Party God. Because it fit. I hope it didn’t make this image too goofy.

There’s is nothing wrong with this image, it is perfect in every way.

Real warriors train naked

It’s just a fact. Real men fight with their balls out. Just finished this image, had a lot of fun coming up with the idea. The commissioner gave me room to do anything with his characters. So you see Minos and Ashimar, sparing in a dimly lit room. I drew these two previously boning in a stream while bathing after this sparing match. Consider this a prequel that led up to those two images. Here and There