Old Stuff – Part 2

Old Stuff – Part 2

Here’s a series I did in 2010.  They were supposed to be life drawings of creatures as though I had posed for me… which is pretty silly.

A Centaur plays music while I sit and draw.

I really should do more centaurs.  They’re great fun.  I could have refined this one a little more too…  I did learn a lot doing this drawing.  Centaur anatomy is far weird.

Kindred Spirits, posing together... although it's not like they have the choice to pose separately.

I enjoyed drawing these two.  Po’Uln, is from an alien world.  Although humanoid, their bodies possess a unique physiology.  Slowly over time they mutate.  It varies from person to person, and generally they have a unique trait that stands out above all else.  These two, were once two people.  However, their compatibility brought them together until they literally became one.

The fun bit is that they have two heads and also two dicks, albeit wrapped in one foreskin.  They are not like conjoined twins in the real world.  Po and Uln share a nervous system and can communicate telepathically, while maintaining their individuality for the most part.  Although to most people, their coordination and complimentary behavior gives the impression of complete unity.

I get that he's caught in a net... but how do you explain the rope bondage and dildo?

This one is for those who like ’em big and covered in rope.  I wasn’t entirely proud of how it turned out, but it looks alright for something I did in 2010.  It’s actually pretty darn pervy.

Tiny people washing a giant dick. Every morning.

Something from the same time period as the other two, although previously unreleased because it is horribly unfinished.  Not sure.  Maybe I will, or at least do something like it.  The poses need reworking.  I like the idea of holding a giant dick over your shoulder though.  That guy in the center, pretty much perfect.  Lilliputian’s might be the neatest thing ever, even in a non-perverted way.  Their tiny homes and lives remind me of minecraft for some strange reason.

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  1. as a fairly vanilla style sex pervert, particularly when it comes to anatomy and species, i must say i really like your more normalish dudes and your straight up humans, both lilliputian and average (or extra large). i think it’s because you are fucking good at anatomy.

    • I brought this comment up in a conversation with Captain Gerbear. We were discussing the “essence” of attraction, or really the essence of anything for that matter. The simple and fundamental being of a thing. Between the two of you, I think I have a lot of thinking to do…

      I know all this wild strangeness isn’t needed. Not sure if I’ll ever give it up for good, but I think I will delve back into some thing more essential. Vanilla.

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