The Ghosts of Halloween Past

The Ghosts of Halloween Past

I did a few images this halloween.  Ranging from porno sex with demons, to creepy and bizarre strangeness.

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Most of these are pretty self explanatory situations.  An orc named Grall, pinned between two mean lookin’ demons.  Screwjob, a troll, raped by a tentacle monster with slick skin.  A vicious gargoyle from Dark Souls sporting a mean looking erection.

The last of these four was the one the absolutely requires explanation.  It involves some magical artifacts, called rings of displacement.  They are used to magically dismember the bodies of an elf, dwarf, and troll without actually damaging them.  They feel no pain, as their bodies aren’t actually severed.  Subject to the whims of a very powerful dwarf, their situation isn’t exactly comfortable.  The troll isn’t very pleased with his situation, having his head attached to the end of a scepter.

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