Batch of Art with Color

Batch of Art with Color

This week has involved some forays into color I don’t normally do.  Like before, some works just call for it.  Seems like the calls are getting louder and more frequent, or my ability to resist them has dulled.  Either way, it all started with these…

Pain and Panic make a mess while Hades off swirling down the soul'nado at the end of Disney's Hercules.

When I was asked if I would draw these two, I jumped on it immediately.  Cartoon characters with weird anatomy having sex?  Sex no one could have, because there just aren’t asses fat enough or legs short enough or cocks giant enough.  I had a lot of fun with this, and wound up coloring it to boot!

A word to the wise, if you embarrass a minotaur expect to get gored. ;-)

Done in the same day as the previous picture I was certainly on a roll.  I love everything about this picture.  I did a lot of things I never do.  Color, Dialogue.  Well… two things, but they’re big ones.  There’s even a sequel in the works… I can’t wait!

Giant dragon men with a daddy/boy fetish, and they're both over 6 feet tall.

Some furry stuff, pose was based on a photo… loosely.  All around alright image, not much to say.

Beast and Beast have awkward climbing moment that leads to boners. No one is really surprised or bothered by this.

My first attempt at drawing Beast from the X-men sexually.  I’ve been waiting… since forever, to draw Beast sexually. Probably from back when I was a teenager first discovering porn and read a comic Markwulfgar drew of Beast. More direct inspiration was drawn from that guy who draws super manly human-Beast on DA who I only recently discovered.

More examples of me using dialogue in my porn.  I’m not sure how much the dialogue really adds.  I find that too much dirty talk gets weird, or at least for me.  I immediately don’t buy it, do people really talk that way?  In this case, would Beast talk that way?  Surely not!  …but… I’m not so sure this dialogue is very much in his style of speech either…

Cool dude with all his clothes on, fancy that.

Yup, character design.  Was paid in not money for this one, and the subject matter is one where I feel I’m allowed to make more of a mess.  Plus, easy pose, easy lighting, all around easy relaxing experience.  Why am I not doing legitimate comics with this?

Rhino sounding himself with a re-purposed screwdriver, he came.

I held a small contest over on that other site, two people one.  This is one of the pieces of artwork I made as prizes.  Like the above image, I was very relaxed because it wasn’t a commission per se.  So I felt like I had more liberty to go wild in terms of style and loose messy detail work.

A Shark doing the Jojo pose.

The second of the two prize artworks.  Knew I needed color for the hand glow effect, so that’s just what I did.  Didn’t go into nearly the amount of detail I did on the rhino, but colored it.  So it was a trade off.

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  1. I quite like the beast-image. Unusual poses make me happy. Also, I rather like how you included their entire bodies without cutting it off and leaving out a stray hand or a leg. It may take longer to complete an image like that, but the result is much better I think. Makes the characters much more tangible for some reason. For me, at least.

    Also, I like the choice of coloured characters on black+white background. I hope you do more of those. The presence of the characters is (obviously) much stronger. 🙂

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