It’s hard time naming these…

It’s hard time naming these…

It’s like… these posts go up with a date. So it’s so pointless to be like “here’s some art I made in or around October.” In this case, this stuff was from September and I’m only posting it now. I would claim that I’m posting these for free, but a lot of them are commissions, while delivered to the one who paid for them, were paid for.

So let’s see what I’ve got in my back log of smutty inks.

Telekinesis is REALLY helpful if you've got short stubby arms like Guldo

Our good friend from Dragon Ball Z. The Ginyu Force gets some R34 love, but this guy has literally nothing. I can understand why. He’s fat, stumpy, and has the cutest pair of eyes on the side of his head. Clearly, they’re just jealous. A commissioner who is known for getting only the most rare of R34 images asked me to draw this, and as usual, I couldn’t refuse. I am so very glad that my first and only DBZ image is of this character. The hipster in me demands it.

As far as the story of the image… I’m not quite sure, all I know is what you and anyone else can see. Guldo is using his telekinesis to pound his ass with massive dildo and record it all for posterity. Well done!

Father and Son make a deal with the devil, the whole ordeal brings them closer than ever before.

The demon in this case belongs to the commissioner. I think this image also helped me overcome my aversion to drawing harnesses. I always made the straps too thick. I think I’ve got them figured out a little better. More to come on this little sequence.


Permanently bonded, they become very comfortable with one another.

Even removing the leather harness didn’t fix their situation. You can see the straps and seal are permanently imprinted on their skin. When they discovered they shared their pleasure a conclusion like this was inevitable. It’s not incest if you are the same body. Which is a poor justification for the dildo in their ass or all the kissing they do.

Ratkin King gets what Ratkin King wants

I have only one thing to say about this. I want his throne. Looks like a very firm seat.

Overbearing bear is overbearing

The commissioner of this image allowed me to use an original character in the pairing. This catman with the muttonchops doesn’t have a name yet, but he’s a cool guy and doesn’t mind terribly getting manhandled by massive bear men.



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