Christmas: In retrospect

Christmas: In retrospect

Here’s a handful of Christmas themed porn I drew in December.

Goofy gets exactly what he wants for Christmas

I did a pair of images as a sequel to last years Goofy x Pete Christmas picture.

Doning the Santa hat, Goofy gives Pete a little something too!

These two pals are really getting into the spirit of the season. I think my favorite part of this pairing is the difference in builds and dick size. It helps that they’re memorable cartoon characters, but it’s their relate-able human attributes that really makes it a zinger.

Santa and Krampus work together... and play together.

Wish you could see more of that hunky demon in this picture. But we all know what he looks like, after all… it’s not as if he’s been totally excised from modern American folk stories about Santa Claus or anything.

Here’s to wishing those Coca-Cola commercials would include Krampus. Happy New Year everyone!

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