Zinyak. A Request Honored

Zinyak. A Request Honored

So it completely slipped my mind that I never actually posted these images. I think I posted one or two on FA… but I did a whole slew of alternate dick designs for this alien overlord.

Classic Zinyak. Wine and a big slithery dick.

You know he likes to relax like this. Put some some classical music, then takes a peak into his favorite sadistic torture simulation.

Reduce size, multiply x3

Someone suggested a trifurcated design. So I went with it. Gotta love those images that make me add the “multiple dicks” tag to the post.

An aggressively external design.

For those of you who like your aliens with their balls on the outside. And penis spines. And a blunt tip. Yikes!

Just as dangerous looking as the last one.

These dicks look like torture devices… but I don’t think I’ll get many complaints on that count.

Easily the weakest of the designs, fun but not my favorite.

His dick here is a beautiful flower, or butterfly… or the gaping maw of a hell worm. I’m sure it’s all the same when it’s squirming around inside you.

And doubt very much that this is consensual.

Zinjai, the assistant of Zinyak. Getting his ass thoroughly plowed. Also with an entirely different dick than any of the above. I’m guessing that Zinyak has some kind of metamorphic penis technology or something. Hell, he had much more reality breaking tech than that… but no spoilers here. Go play Saints Row IV right now.

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  1. Ohmygosh, thank you!!!! This is so sexy!!

    These freaky alien penis designs are…. really hot. Makes me wish I was in Zinjai’s place. 😛

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