Some art from November / December

Some art from November / December

Black Dragon Kalameat

Black Dragon Kalameet from Dark Souls, admiring his Black Dragon Meat. Masturbation must be awesome with telekinesis.

His favorite couch in the house

…is covered in weird stains. It’s now everyone’s least favorite couch.

Trundle's Icy Mace-terbation

That was the best fantasy based wank pun ever written. Today, by me, on this site…

A little taste.

Wasn’t very proud of this. Gargoyles characters aren’t my strong point.

Let's play guess this obscure Rule 34!

This was commissioned by a guy. I had very little to go on for the character reference, but I did the best I could. But if you know who this is, you grew up watching Nickelodeon in the 90’s.


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