Stranded: Concepts and Pages

Stranded: Concepts and Pages

I’ve been working on something between commissions and other work. A big project that I want to get rolling. A comic about some space adventurers who get stranded on an alien planet with a mysterious fungus. A small five man crew who go totally homo-bananas for each other while trying to get their ship up and running after their mission goes horribly awry.

So here they are.

This character sheet is inappropriately large. 5000p wide.

This character sheet is inappropriately large. 5000p wide.

The core crew are the three fellows in the middle. Captain Sam, Little Mac the Pilot, and Hoss the Engineer. They’ve known and worked with one another for some time on Sam’s ship The Oberon. But being space faring entrepreneurs, they find themselves owing a certain amount of money to some “legitimate businessmen.” To pay back their debts they agree to go on this mission to infiltrate a quarantined planet to acquire a certain amount of mushroom spores used to make a very potent aphrodisiac drug. Taking on two members to their crew, who have specialty skills needed for the mission, who also have their own reasons to join the mission, they set out to the quarantined planet.

The Oberon

The Oberon.


I’m well on my way into the comic. I’ve got the first few pages inked and lettered. Which I will be making available.

Title Pagestranded_chapter1_page02_lettered_resizedstranded_chapter1_page03_lettered_resized

I would like to make a special page here on my site with an easily navigable page system. A proper web comic. Hmmm… still yet work to be done. This blog format will simply not DO for this.

I’m also thinking about coloring this. Perhaps starting up a patreon for that as well. I’m not sure how I feel about doing that though. I really want to put a lot of work into this… maybe sell chapters? Or do a Patreon for colored pages and other material? I’m still brain storming. GAH!


Underpants. Oops! Someone goes commando!

There’s a version with even less… but I don’t think I’ll be sharing that until the comic progresses further.

You know… this whole project started out with a single idea. Originally it was just about two characters, a chubby guy and a lean guy. With a huge disparity in dick size. Originally I had brain stormed up some kind of magic college party where a chunky elf hooks up with a human. But things took a turn for the complex, the space setting came out of no where, and these 3 other fellows were developed.

I really wanted to do something with a story and solid characters. A masterpiece that people can latch onto and get invested in. I used to be very character centric, prior to doing all these one-off porn images. I fell into a rut just doing commissions and nameless throw-away characters. I used to have characters, worlds and adventures playing out in my head.

Here’s to a return to form!

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  1. Agreed about ComicFury. They have no problem with adult comics. Casey J’s “Buying Time” is hosted there, and it works very well.

    Regarding this project: I am ABSOLUTELY sold on the idea of story and characters first, smut second. Character building through interaction and believable motivation? THAT gets me hard. LOL!

    Smutty stories are great, but can’t go very deep story-wise. ArtDecade’s “The Luck of Fools” is a perfect example. It started very smutty, but as he continued the story took over, and now there’s barely any nudity. And in my opinion, it’s much better that way. Admittedly, some the exposition gets a little dry, but I still love it. He’s hit 555 pages as of yesterday. Quite the accomplishment!

    I’m blathering, but just because I’m excited by this project. Keep up the great work! 😀

    • Wow. The Luck of Fools is that far along?! That dude is crazy dedicated. And I had no idea buying time was hosting on comic fury. I might have to do that too… although. I mean a simple comic page on here would be ideal. It’s the URL I put on all my artwork soooo..

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