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Commission work of 2015

Commission work of 2015

I realize updates to this site have been somewhere in between lacking and totally non-existent this year. So instead of trying to break up a few uploads into parts, I’m just going to do a full upload of all the unposted commission work from the last four months. Enjoy.


The royal flag pole flies the colors

Starting with fuzzy little gem. A dwarf king, all decorated up in gold jewelry and nothing else. He’s got his foot on a bulbous green rump. See the image below for more on that.


Administrator of the Royal Genital Affairs

A very very important position. He’s very good at his job by the way. I’m normally not all that fascinated by hoods and blindfolds, but the combination of utility that those rings would provide makes a lot of sense.


Transformative Introspection

My official policy on transformation sequences is usually a big “no.” I don’t like doing sequences. Which is when this commissioner got clever and asked for a single image that cleverly encapsulates a before and after using a mirror. The official story behind this transformation is biological in its explanation. The mirror isn’t REALLY showing his original form, it’s all just metaphorical. So no, it’s not a magic mirror or anything. I do personally like the metaphorical transformation.


Magical displacement gives a new perspective on his place in this relationship.

A very weird image. Very e-fetish. Well… anything involving magical displacement of body parts (this me dancing around using the word “dismembered” because that brings to mind a very un-sexy kind of imagery) is going to be e-fetish material. Those little fantasies so removed from reality that it’s almost hard to think of them as weird. There’s almost an uncanny valley for bizarre fetishes. The clearer it is that it’s fiction, the easier it is to fap to.


Demon for a day

A fellow with a new set of horns and hooves because he fondled the wrong magical artifact. Nothing much more to it than that. The snake tail looks like it’s coming out of his butt… but… oh well.


Gargoyles =/= Grotesques

A Gargoyle is an architectural statue that’s linked up to the gutter system. They pour water through their mouths. Grotesques are just statues. Both are ugly monsters though. I guess at a certain point it’s just splitting hairs, but Disney’s Gargoyles was inaccurately named. This guy could technically be considered a Gargoyle I suppose. Considering his spout.


A Kolbold Topping – Gigantic Dragon Whimpers – Mythic Faggotry

Most of my works needs very little explanation. It is exactly what it is.



He’s part human, ogre, and dragon. Some kind of magical hybrid creature. He’s got a cross breed dick… s…


The two towers of New Boner City

I rarely draw multi-dicked creatures. Not because I’m against them, but because they need to remain rare among my work to remain special. Commissioner’s characters don’t really count however.


The thumbnail for this panoramic comic does not do it justice!

I am really open about my preference for size-difference. Usually it’s only a few feet of difference, this image really defines the upper limits of my appreciation for size difference. Love this pairing though. Wished I had fit more of those little monsters on him. Would’ve been great to have them be like a mountain of tribbles overwhelming him.


Relative (dis)comfort with the situation.

Just some lizard guys in naked company with each other, having a conversation. Some are just more comfortable in their own skin I suppose.


Character sheet for Ash and Minos

Characters belong to the commissioner, but I’ve drawn them twice in the past. This is the orc who, after a brisk handjob in a stream, asks his minotaur pal if he “wan’ sum fuck.” Minotaur definitely obliged. I love orcs and minotaurs.They’re a good staple of the genre.


Wrapped up in himself.

Hank McCoy’s past and present self, having a good hump. Based on some canonical time travel stuff from the comics. Hank is my favorite member of the X-men.


Furry mouth fillings.

I think racoon is cool guy, eh humps faces and doesn’t afraid of anything.



Hotdogging Quasimodo of Hunchback of Notre dame. A part of a past sequence, involving this character. I feel like I managed to capture him reasonably well… but ehh… deformities are still not my strong suit.


Gooey foreskin is my drug of choice

Seriously I’m totally addicted. If it wasn’t clear to everyone already. I have an wavering love for intact penises. They are a biomechanical marvel and sensual miracle.


Frotting with the Up-Side-Down Man

Part of a sequence. I may repost the completed sequence once they’re all lined up together. A fantastically strange character. Lenk, the man with a dick for a head and a head for a dick. Based on some earlier commission work I did for another commissioner.


Worn out orc’s make good chairs.

Here you can see clearly what Lenk has between his legs. A long haired bearded man. Without color you can’t really tell that he’s blonde, but that is the case I assure you.

Climbing back up from the edge of the world…

Climbing back up from the edge of the world…

Guys, guys.  I fell off the edge of the world, but I’m back. And with a stockpile from the last four months of 2014.

Magically displaced body parts, and tight leather. A good combo.

Magically displaced body parts, and tight leather. A good combo.

It’s kinda weird going back and looking at these months old pieces of artwork. This was a weird one. Rings of displacement are always something that’s kinda hard to explain, if the visuals don’t communicate the mechanics of what’s going on here. Magical rings that safely displace body parts across space. Removal of the rings requires reattachment. Unless there’s some kind of dispel magic involved. However, generally not a good alternative, because it’s not always clear which way the spatial distortion will reverse. You might get your dick back… or you might suddenly rejoin your dick on the other side.

Gosh this is really weird.

Gosh this is really weird.

Delicious orc porkings and double sided blowjobs. Only in extreme fantasy porn.

Extra dicks is not everyones fetish, but I doubt anyone would turn it down if they woke up with an extra dick.

Extra dicks is not everyones fetish, but I doubt anyone would turn it down if they woke up with an extra dick.

Slapping extra dicks on a character isn’t something I personally do very often with character designs. It’s one of those design choices that you need to be extremely frugal with. However this isn’t my character, so no holds bared.

Awkward Bouncer Boner

Awkward Bouncer Boner

Can’t remember all the story behind this one. But it involves a bouncer wearing a kilt, trying to bounce some rowdy dwarves, only to be embarrassed when one reveals his inopportune boner.

Seriously don't try this at home. Alcohol enemas are incredibly dangerous.

Seriously don’t try this at home. Alcohol enemas are incredibly dangerous.

And here’s that bouncer again, apparently wound up as a captive of one of those dwarves. Don’t worry, whatever is in that bottle I doubt it has a very high alcohol content. Don’t waste the good stuff on an ass.

Classic Story: Tiger meets Wolf

Classic Story: Tiger meets Wolf

And just a couple of manimals doing what manimals do best. Putting their dicks in their fellow man. Cheers.

I’ll throw up a couple more soon. Cheers.

A handful of dwarves.

A handful of dwarves.

Sexy Dwarf Stripper

Did a series of dwarves recently.  Had a lot of fun with it.  Ever since I did that D&D line up, I just couldn’t get the taste for ’em out of my head.  So here’s a sexy stripper dwarf, wearing a leather skirt adorned with metal rings.

Two Dwarves, lovers, exchanging gifts.

These two were commissioned by a nice guy who had a neat story about dwarves he wanted illustrated.  So here is Brojoh and Brannhalf, giving each other the gift of alcohol and leather harness.  That culminates in the next image in the second half of the series below.

Terrific drunken dwarf butt fuckin'!

 The final image I have to share was the third commission that was asked of me after I drew that fine lookin’ stripper dwarf.

Beard in one hand, belly in the other.

A simple treatment of a character the commission had on his mind, that needed rendering for the world to see.  Glad I could assist.  He sure is a cutie!