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Art from March 2

Art from March 2

Part 2 of the artwork I did in March. Over a month ago. Sorry for not uploading these sooner.

An Ettin, his two heads pinned between some lizardman cocks. Something I don’t handle nearly enough are these two headed hunks. The whole concept is enticing. I should do more anatomical drawings of two headed brutes like them.

The story on this one isn’t mine, this was drawn as a commission for a guy. Zsisron over at FA can answer any questions about it. I can say, however, that the scale for these two on the large size. The small guy is comparable to an adult human.

I think this image pretty much speaks for itself. It’s set on a farm, and this human dude is obediently being christened in lizardman ejaculate. The story once again belongs to Zsisron, and has something to do with a farm hand who is hypnotized into joining a mercenary band by this lizard guy.

Goblin porking orc butt all night long gets sleepy. Not much more to it than that. I think I should have made the goblins hands and feet much larger. Looks a little too… plain.

Art from March part 1

Art from March part 1

And oh boy, is there a LOT of art from March.  There’s quite a bit from April too, I’ll have to post soon as it’s own installment. So, starting with the oldest first. We have a commission I did for a guy.


A fox getting thoroughly stuffed

Some tentacle porn, although not quite run of the mill. I wanted to give the tentacle monsters an imposing presence. Got a little “gate of truth” with it though. Alchemy leads to dangerous places I tell you what.


Slavers gonna slave.

Another commission. This one has a bit of a story. This Satyr was enslaved, destined to be shipped over seas by these pirates to his new owner. They’ve put a chastity device on him to keep him from enthralling them, but the slavers still can’t pass up the opportunity to get some sweet Satyr ass. Whatever they do, they must resist the urge to lap up the precum dripping from his cock cage. Kind of weird I know, the product of in stream brain storming.

The demon is bound, but his influence is creeping...

Demon binding. What else is there to tell? I really like guys with bellies. Muscle gut or frat-boy bear gut, so nice.

Splert spoot

An opportunity to draw a Bugbear and a Gorilla, I just couldn’t pass up. They both came out stellar. Not sure where the nipple pinching came from, that’s not really something I find all that interesting, but hey I guess this Gorilla’s pretty into it.

A rare image I did just for myself. Not a commission, but was inspired by someone’s talk of boar men in a fantasy-verse. So uhhh, just so we’re clear, I totally lifted the underwear design from a Furronika drawing of some futurama characters of all things.

That’s it for part 1. I’ll upload another batch after the weekend.

A flood of art

A flood of art

If only I would upload these one at a time, it’d be so much easier to write descriptions for each of them.  Instead you guys get an image dump like this.  Because I don’t care enough to go back and remember just what my thoughts were on each of these.

Unprecedented Color

Unprecedented Color

A while back I did a series of color images for various people.  I’m starting to think I should do this kind of work some more.  I used to find it cumbersome, but these were quite fun and easy to do.  I think it’s a matter of going full bore painting and using color to add extra detail.

Fresh Batch of Commissioned Work

Fresh Batch of Commissioned Work

Here’s all the work I did in November, after Halloween, since there was some carry over there.  A variety of work in the usual themes.  Orcs and ogres, demons and trolls, a furry here, a rule 34 there.  I’m going to try and upload these more often, doing giant batches of these makes it difficult to write individual descriptions, like you might see with my work on other sites.

I always love working with orcs, their expressions are so exaggerated.  Tusks make everything better.  I’m also very partial to locker room scenes.  I had fun adding the background details, the random orcs in various states of undress.  It gives this image that… shameless public sexual expression.  Orcs don’t care, they’ll fuck where they want.
As an added layer of kink, the guy penetrating is the adoptive father of the other.

A continuation of the scarecrow piece that I drew during Halloween, showing just what exactly is done with the torsos of the men used in the scarecrow.  Here Screwjob, the troll, has his disassociated head attached to a scepter.  Made to do all manner of kinky acts with his mouth.  That is his body being fucked as well.  The picture pretty much speaks for itself.  The dwarf is a powerful CEO of a company in the Shadow Run universe.  At one point I was planning an expansive comic detailing Screwjob’s capture by this devious dwarf.  However that story was too big a project, so now there’ll just be one off images like this here and there, showing the highlights of what the CEO does with the troll.

I’m usually hesitant to do Rule 34 of characters from games or shows I haven’t experienced for myself, however these guys were simple and cute.  Brewmaster and Bountyhunter from DOTA2.  The designs for these characters are just proof that Valve is awesome at everything they do.

I’ve been doing a fair amount of work for Darkfox, a guy who has a pair of characters who I like.  Tucker, the fat racoon is a nice contrast to Darkfox’s lean build.

Darkfox had me to do two images.  He is very partial to the big chubby guys, like me, so these pictures always try and show off that belly.

These is every kind of hot.  These two are half orc half ogre (ogrc?) and twin brothers.  So there’s that incestuous kink again.  Frankly, I don’t think I did a good enough job showing that.  I feel like they should be ganglier, more disproportionate and monstrous.  Ahh well, they’ve got long accommodating foreskins, and that’s what matters most.  Seriously though, these foreskins are not natural.  These guys walk around with heavy metals tied to the end of their dicks with leather and other animal sinew.  They live out in nature, cave dwelling types.  I surely should draw these two again…

Now here’s an image I did of Goblin and Orc buggery.  Or a “Goblin’s Orc-Riding Masterclass.”  The size difference is a bit interesting, orcs being well above average human height and goblins being well below.  Again, these goblins and orcs just don’t feel monstrous enough for me.  Sure the goblin has a big head, hands, and feet… and the orcs are large, muscled, and have fat cocks, but they’re not quite far enough from average human dudes.  Things to work on.

Here’s the first part of a series I did for a guy, featuring his two dicked demon fellah.  Here he’s dominating a redneck trucker.  The trucker is becoming some kind of demi-demon under his influence.

The conclusion, the trucker is now his eternal slave in hell.  Boy do I love drawing demons.  They’re like everything sexy.

I love this picture, big alien dudes getting milked, definitely a favorite of mine.  I don’t think I’ll be doing any more artwork of these four armed guys.  The anatomy drives me crazy.  Seems like this batch of commissions is loaded with guys with extra dicks.  If that’s your thing enjoy, I know I do appreciate it from time to time.  Although in both cases they’ve been beyond believable size.

Another picture of Screwjob.  He’s wagging it at a furry who is running some kind of tournament that secretly enslaves all the contestants.  You know how furries are.  Am I saying they’re all rapists?  Possibly.  Screwjob’s mad about something else though, can’t remember the specifics.

And that’s everything I’ve drawn in November.  I think that I’ll start updating on a more weekly basis, so I won’t have to sit down for an hour and come up with descriptions for these things all at once.

Latest Commissions

Latest Commissions

It’s been a while since I uploaded the last batch.  Here’s the work I’ve done in the meanwhile.

I did a little color, a little black and white.  A simple character sheet using a new, simpler, process.

The black and white spread I did for Ogrebear is certainly the gold medal winner of this cache.  He’s really opened my eyes to how amazing Klingon can be.  The illustration is for a story he’s writing.

Art from March & April

Art from March & April

Here’s a giant dump of a lot of stuff I drew for commissions in March and April.  Pretty self explanatory, although I’d like to talk about a few in depth.

The most recent piece, a picture I drew for a good guy named Hellwind.  Inspired by those old style dungeon crawler games, where everything is first person.  At first it was just going to be a picture of the game’s main graphics.  Just a corridor that terminates at a demon sitting on a throne.  But at a certain point the UI was an essential piece that had to be featured.  Seeing all the parties reactions and available choices was just so golden.

I enjoy the contrast in the second picture.  Maikujagaur’s characters, Virferos and Seluno, a werewolf and mage respectively, make an interesting couple.  Seluno is a little boyish, with a slight build relative to his boyfriend Virferos.  The difference in body hair especially reinforces this contrast.  You can find Maikujagaur’s own drawings of these characters on That Site.

One picture set in particular that deserves some explanation is a two part illustration from a story written by Zyxxs called “For the Love of the Chieftan.”  In the story a group of orcs are punished for a crime they committed by living possessed by the spirits of some sacrificed pig sows.  The first picture is the initial possession, and the second is them near the end of their sentence.

Lots of demons, orcs, and satyrs in these.  I feel like I’ve started to cultivate an audience in the crowd who adores mythological themed work.  Which is awesome, because that’s the place I’m most comfortable.  Wish I had some dragons to mix in here too.  That’d be rad.

All in all, been VERY happy since I started doing only black and white work.  It’s such an utter pleasure to make and folks seem to really dig the hard contrast.  After all these aren’t just some black lines, nor are they meant to be colored later.  They are complete as they are.

Character Sheets

Character Sheets

Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene

Another very old painting.  Started in 2010, finished in October 2011.

I was inspired by a dream I had, that had a very Doom like atmosphere.  In it I found a massive yellow demon with felt skin.  Like a cross between a giant demon and a muppet.  I spent most of the dream hiding from it, before it eventually caught me and trapped me in some kind of hideous restraint and left to go terrorize the rest of humanity.  I woke up with a sense of dread that I had let something horrible out…  So I drew something very yellow.  It doesn’t really look like the demon from my dream, and is much smaller.

He spends 20 minutes a day on those pearly whites.

So what you see here is a big burly demon with teeth from hell.  Sinks in hell’s public bathrooms are much more convenient than you would imagine.  Making it easier to take a leak while you brush your teeth and do all those other cleaning rituals.

The possessed space marine next to him is getting a shoulder full of demon elbow, which in demonic bathroom etiquette is a friendly offer for a fuck in the shower later.  And by “friendly” I mean domineering and by “offer” I mean demand.  This is hell after all.

Originally this image was much wider, and encompassed more characters in the background, and you could see the zombie guy’s face.  It unfortunately got unmanageable, so I brought it down to a simpler composition.  I’d like to revisit this dark public bathroom, however.