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Art of May part 3

Art of May part 3

He knows he wants to do more than touch it.

Well here we are, an image of a space marine and cyber demons from Doom. Lots of demons, huge dicks, but something about this picture left me feeling unsatisfied. It just wasn’t wild enough. These demons are massive imposing and slobbery, but just don’t have that demonic character. They really ought to have been plowing him or something. Well I suppose you all can take this to your spank bank and file it under “imminent sex.”

Goblin Coach is training a Giant Orc.

I’m not sure if it’s clear, but the middle panel is supposed to be repeated thrusts. Hence the cycle of arrows. I wasn’t too familiar with the source material, but this is rule 34 of some yu-gi-oh cards. Goblin Coach and Giant Orc. This image was basically a reply to the previous commission. Something extremely gratuitous in the penetration and money shot. Really turned out satisfying. Really wanted to convey the consensual relationship here too. I think that comes across well.

Orcs take a bath in dragon milk.

Here’s a short comic of some Orcs who have been tasked with milking a dragon. A dragon who is a very willing and cooperative. They’ve been given only a tiny bucket that cannot contain the the force of the spray nor the shear volume of dragon milk spewing out. I can’t imagine that this was an unintentional part of their assignment. Was this a punishment, reward, or just a daily chore? It’s not exactly clear.

Anyway, that wraps up all the art I did in May. Currently I haven’t done much in the last two weeks. No commissions etc. So it may be sometime before another update. Thanks to everyone to who follows my work. I really hope these make nice additions to your spank bank.

Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene

Another very old painting.  Started in 2010, finished in October 2011.

I was inspired by a dream I had, that had a very Doom like atmosphere.  In it I found a massive yellow demon with felt skin.  Like a cross between a giant demon and a muppet.  I spent most of the dream hiding from it, before it eventually caught me and trapped me in some kind of hideous restraint and left to go terrorize the rest of humanity.  I woke up with a sense of dread that I had let something horrible out…  So I drew something very yellow.  It doesn’t really look like the demon from my dream, and is much smaller.

He spends 20 minutes a day on those pearly whites.

So what you see here is a big burly demon with teeth from hell.  Sinks in hell’s public bathrooms are much more convenient than you would imagine.  Making it easier to take a leak while you brush your teeth and do all those other cleaning rituals.

The possessed space marine next to him is getting a shoulder full of demon elbow, which in demonic bathroom etiquette is a friendly offer for a fuck in the shower later.  And by “friendly” I mean domineering and by “offer” I mean demand.  This is hell after all.

Originally this image was much wider, and encompassed more characters in the background, and you could see the zombie guy’s face.  It unfortunately got unmanageable, so I brought it down to a simpler composition.  I’d like to revisit this dark public bathroom, however.