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Commissioned Artwork Dump

Commissioned Artwork Dump

Another batch of artwork done for other peeps.


Monster Milking

I improvised the design for this monster milker. It’s sort of like a organ grinder (the street performer instrument) but… looks like its still being used as an organ grinder. The monster is a kind of genetically altered green spunk factory. I really liked the commissioners directions on this one, because he’s really up for it. Unlike a lot of weird milking scenes, they always have to chain the big dudes up. It’s like… wait sec, how much do you really need to do to get a big meaty mass of a man to hump a faux vagina?


Monster Filling

Oh Looks like this is what the goblins are doing with the monster spunk. Giving bugbears green jizz enemas. Probably to give him mutant strength for a while. Yup, these Stat Buffs require more than drinking a simple potion. If you want the power, you gotta butt chug.



Green Eggs and Ham

Just an orc sailor working on the dock in his normal work attire, nothing to see here move along.


Monster men having a monster bang.

It’s been a while since I worked on this one. I actually don’t have much to say. Other than I enjoyed working on these guys, thy were nice and weird.


Varric Reads

One of his books perhaps? I don’t play this game series. However I was informed that he is unavailable for romance because of a girlfriend in far off lands? Something to that effect. So this kind of scene is probably very normal for him. I always love to do R34 that’s in canon. The best way to handle “he’s straight” is “straight guys wank too.”


Satyr Frolicking

Nothing too complex here. Just a chubby satyr man frolicking through the bone zone. Hint, everywhere outdoors is the bone zone for Satyrs. This is actually the commissioners wizard character, transformed into a Satyr.


Monster men have a monster bang two: Minotaur Boogaloo

Yup, he’s got that bull by the balls and riding him hard. It’s just as the ancient prophecies predicted.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

So I did a handful of Christmas themed images this December before I got… preoccupied by a certain ornament project.  One of which has become a series that may continue after the holidays featuring a leather daddy Santa Claus and his BDSM reindeer boys.

Everyone talks about getting lumps of coal when you're bad, they don't talk about being spirited away to the North Pole and transformed into Santa's personal reindeer boy.

I’m such a sucker when it comes to chastity and chaps.  This was a fun image to work on, I had the chance to try out a few details I’d seen in other people’s art.  Specifically the pelt of hair on Santa’s chest, which is a technique I picked up from Grisser.


Dasher told Santa what he wanted for Christmas this year, so Santa gave it to him right then and there.

Inspired by an animated gif of a guy really reaming a dude’s ass with a candy cane dildo, I knew I had to do make take on that too.


Santa gets what he wanted for Christmas this year... again... and again...

Getting a bit kinkier here.  Santa is using a combination anal bead lube injector.  Seems like Prancer is responding favorably.  I had a bit of trouble with this one.  The upward perspective means there’s no horizon line, no grounding.  It was hard for me to imagine where their bodies were in space.  I pushed through regardless however… I did this shortly before giving up on commissions until the extra stress of other projects was set aside.


Translation: "I have a secret boner." "How about you pound my fat ass with that stiff dog cock of yers."

This picture is fantastic.  Simple shading, some strong expressive bodies, and pictographic dialogue.  All my personal favorites when it comes to artwork.  Also apparently Goofy is hung as fuck and Pete is a dominate bottom.


Krampus makes lewd masturbation motions at a stranger on a winter evening.

Another piece of work I did for the same commissioner as the previous one.  Originally he wanted a sequel to the Pete and Goofy image, but while we were talking came to conclusion that he REALLY wanted to see Krampus (the nefarious stealer of naughty children from ancient Christmas lore) drunk and lusty.  This picture was actually part of a terrible Painter crash that made me lose all my progress.  All of it.  I started again a few days later and remade it faster than before.  On top of that I also now have a fail safe for crashes and work loss.  So, net gain!


Santa getting really pumped up for the holidays.

The image that started it all.  I made this to advertise that I was taking Christmas themed commissions at a special discount rate.  Very kinky and strange, so I saved it for last.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holidays or a whatever the fuck.  More like a… winters here let’s all make believe snow is nice and not totally bullshit crap weather.