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Giant dongs and other tales

Giant dongs and other tales

Well, I let another giant pile of art stack up. So here we go. It’s a big one.


Our ever ambitious cock thief has two new trophies.

Driven to acquire even bigger dongs than before, he employed an enchanter to create much large rings of displacement. The story of his brave adventure acquiring these giant phallus begins with- oh? what’s that? You don’t want to know how he got them, just what he’s going to do with them? Oh well, I’ll have to leave that one up to your imagination.



Pig Pirate Slave Ship

Commissioned image for a fantasy the commissioner had in mind. A ship full of pig pirates who enslave people for their personal pleasure. Pretty simple but very intense. Important to note that what this image doesn’t convey is that this is happening below deck on a sailing ship.


Failed cock thief gets his just deserts

Failed cock thief gets his just deserts

A cock thief trying to use the magical rings of displacement to abscond with the wiener of someone rich and powerful, winds up getting caught. As punishment the rings are used on him, and forced to fuck himself by a golem wearing his displaced dick. With an up close view, thanks to a displaced head.

To repeat. Rings of displacement are magic in a fictional universe. In no way do I support or condone gore or dismemberment in my artwork.

Homework eating monsters got new jobs eating something else...

Homework eating monsters got new jobs eating something else…

So this commission was a doozey of an obscure Rule 34. The commissioner originally wanted to keep it a secret. I think someone already guessed it over on FA. But I’ll leave it up to you to discover just what 90’s cartoon from your childhood this is ruining.

Looking at it now, I can see where some of the lighting is actually terribly wrong. Ugh.

Fisting a foreskin is a novel, albeit fictional, experience

Fisting a foreskin is a novel, albeit fictional, experience

This and all the images following it are not commissions, but stuff I made for myself, just for fun. I think I tried this idea once before, but it was shaded and over ambitious. Anyway, a giant cyclops is having his stuff played with by puny humans. Looks like everyone involved is having fun.

The only true way to defeat a space monster, brave adventurer

The only true way to defeat a space monster, brave adventurer

I dunno what inspired this exactly. Something about the hokey looking space adventurers on the cover of pulp-fiction sci-fi novels from decades gone past (which I wasn’t alive for). Mostly just another excuse to draw a guy handling an oversized dick. Just so everyone knows, I am a religious man. I have a god… and it’s a giant phallus.

You don't have to be hung to be a dom... but it helps

You don’t have to be hung to be a dom… but it helps

Dwarves pushing around large orcs. Something about that really resonates in my brain. Maybe it was a certain set of erotic fiction I once read. Hmmm…

This picture was also fun with builds. I like to show a certain amount of diversity in my characters. If you ever notice that I draw (X anatomy) the same in all my work, and it needs a little more variety and life. Or simply accuracy. Do not hold back. Let me know.

Modestly endowed dwarfs rule

Modestly endowed dwarfs rule

This was drawn prior to the hung dwarf above and was intended to have a giant dong. Then I felt differently. The focus of this picture instead being on the swath of dark fuzz on his belly.

That’s all for now. Enjoy!

Ghosts and disembodied dicks

Ghosts and disembodied dicks
Ectogasms, Alcohol, and Cigars.

Ectogasms, Alcohol, and Cigars.

When Blazingcheeks approached me about a commission featuring his 3 ghost characters, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. Plus I love these sorts of textures. Smoke and glistening ghost flesh.

Magical limb theft is a crime with a hefty sentence.

Magical limb theft is a crime with a hefty sentence.

This human thief sold these magical rings to a whole bunch of orcs. Not telling them that the rings are actually imbued with spatial displacement magic. Then in the night, he can easily pluck their ripe man fruit…

Of course, it’s not all rolling around in tender orc sausages. It’s a big responsibility to look after so many flesh-fountains. Carrying around a suspiciously full keg, and never sharing a drink with anyone tends to draw attention to a traveler.

But once he gets them back to his hideout, these thief is home free. Adding another score to his collection.

Hah hah! Yes, a truer shot was never loosed!

Hah hah! Yes, a truer shot was never loosed!

Hawkeye Gough! My favorite character from Dark Souls. The blind giant archer who spends all his time retired in his tower, whittling wooden sculptures. What a swell guy. This picture doesn’t convey exactly how giant he is. A human can easily walk between his legs without tickling his balls.

These orcs are about to bathe this fellahs crotch in thick drool.

These orcs are about to bathe this fellahs crotch in thick drool.

A nice little commission of orcs looking over a human who fell prey to their trap. I like this design for orcs. Has a little more gorilla flavor. Nice big mouths with pointier tusks.

Edge of the World Update

Edge of the World Update

I fell off the edge of the world, but I’m back now. So here’s a giant splash of images I’ve done recently.

A frat pledge discovers there's something strange going on at this fraternity.

Waking up with strangely deformed genitals is pretty freaky. I would imagine. In this story of the commissioners, this fraternity they turn some pledges into cow-boys. They milk them to make some kind of milk with steroid like properties. This particular guy, once he’s done doing his duty as a pledge (and reverted back to normal) will get his fill of the milk and chance to tend to a pledge of his own.

They won't fit, quit deluding yourself.

Our cow-boy from earlier in color and… attempting to get into a pair of pants. I don’t think he’s going out in public for a while.

Orcs can be purple... right?

I was commissioned to do a character sheet for a purple orc with white hair. His beard also has a ghost in it that makes it wiggle around on its own. I had fun painting this, but definitely more involved than I’m used to.

Stocky pony with fluff all over.

Commissioner wanted a fluffy dwarfish pony, and damnit I gave it to them!

Stocky Pony with a Boney Stalk.

A second version, with dick out. Self explanatory.

Mareg, was really pent up after hunting Melfice for years.

A character from an RPG I really liked when I was younger. Grandia II had this big beast man who was angry with vengeance, but compassionate towards android-girls and boy-kings. I loved him, he was the best. Until I looked back later and realized his design was pretty goofy. His ears are big teddy bear ears. In general he just looked generic. I couldn’t bring myself to draw him until this picture. As one of my first “big guy” crushes in fiction, this has been a long time coming.

Two guys, a cow, and a watering hole.

Commission for Gigaguess, who also commissioned the frat boy with an udder further up, are guaranteed to be strange. The story behind this one is that these two fellows and a female cow got transformed and combined into one body. Complete with double front dick and cow vagina on their back end. Then, released into a maze they’re let to wander around. Unaware of the (other) monster in the maze with them. Concluded below.

What is this I don't even.

The two guys have their cow parts banged up by a giant bull man. As nature intended.

Demonic possession by a lust demon.

My favorite kind of possession. Another Gigaguess commission. This cop follows an anonymous tip, finds himself in a warehouse used by some kind of cult. They use him to summon and contain a demon for their own nefarious ends.

The result is not what they expected.

Maybe they should have figured out what exactly the kind of demon they were summoning. A minor lust demon, doesn’t really do much more than get people to fuck. Ah well, these things happen.

Screwjobs new situation.

Zyxxs has this character, a troll from the Shadow Run universe named Screwjob. Here he’s been turned into a tattooed sex slave. Everything pierced with his horns cropped and his hair in a mo-hawk. Now they’re pissing on him? Oh they just went too far!


The city guard is always ready to help!

I did this a while ago, might’ve even posted it on FA. So here’s the full resolution of the image.


A sketch I did for a guy. Dwarf riding a giant dick. They’re on the edge of a cliff or something…

Don't try and lecture local giants about their public nudity.

It just gets you stuffed in their foreskins, and no one want’s that…

A flood of art

A flood of art

If only I would upload these one at a time, it’d be so much easier to write descriptions for each of them.  Instead you guys get an image dump like this.  Because I don’t care enough to go back and remember just what my thoughts were on each of these.