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Legally Binding

Legally Binding

Someone reminded me of this old image I did. Apparently I used to have it posted here, prior to switching over to the wordpress format. So here it is. Along with some other old images.

Legally Binding 01

Legally Binding

It’s kind of a visually confusing image. Between the reflections and semi-transparent glass. The image below shows the scene without the glass. Featured in this image are some some creatures I designed and drew a couple times, but were forgotten over the years. They’re big bearish cat like brutes with two dicks and very wide curving rows of spiked teeth.


Legally Binding 02

This guy was apparently an aging unicorn satyr

What kind of creature is he? Seems like someone who should have become a character rather than just a one off monster-man. Although I can understand why I didn’t draw him again. I have a love-hate relationship with Satyrs. I love them for being fuzzy horn-dogs. I hate them for their stupid goat legs. It looks wrong to draw satyr without them, but goat legs are nonsense on a biped.



Blue Hammer Time

It’s not easy being teal

I was browsing through my 2009-2010 art folder. Found this. It was one of the better pieces of that year. So I thought I’d include it, although I don’t have much to say about this teal colored dwarf.



Would be a pretty slippery orgy I’d imagine


Another goodie from years ago. Not much to say, other than this rule 34 of mudmen was a first.

Butane Water4


Ian Butane was a character I started making up a world for, without really drawing much of him. He showed up here and there before disappearing. I think I made his origin backstory too complicated and weird. Maybe this long haired bearded dreamboat will see a return someday.


Bulbous plant buggery

This dwarf sat on the wrong plant. Now his lower orifice is going to get majorly probed. One of the better images from 2010.

exotic romance final

Chameleon need more love

When it comes to anthropomorphic animal men, lizards are never my first choice. If they were, Chameleon men all the way. Sad that I did this picture in black and white. I’d love to do a colorful chameleon man.

a week of artwork in October 2/2

a week of artwork in October 2/2

Part 2 of my October commission work.

I think that this posts is fairly exemplary of my tastes as well.  I like to attract commissioners that reflect my tastes.  There’s lots of monsters and characters from all manner of nerdy places.  Star Trek, Marvel, Shadowrun, and Gatchaman to name a few.  There’s also original characters from the furry world.  I have a taste for manimals, although it is just one aspect of my tastes.

I had to turn down a request to draw aliens from Mass Effect.  Specifically because I haven’t played or seen any of that game.  I had a hard time visualizing the design in my head.  I own those games and want to play them, just haven’t gotten around to it.  One of the blessings and curses of steam sales.

From a big gay nerd to another (or perhaps lady nerds who have a taste for the man-lovin’) thank you for enjoying my work.

a week of artwork in October 1/2

a week of artwork in October 1/2
a week of artwork in October 1/2

I decided to take a large batch of commissions.  15 total, here are the results of the first half.

I have a soft spot for fantasy and fantastic creatures.  Most of this weeks work has been in that theme.  I’ve drawn everything from Orcs, League of Legends characters, Star Trek aliens, to giant egg laying penises.  Enjoy, and look forward to the second half of this batch, coming soon. Read the rest of this entry

February Streams

February Streams

This last February I took a handful of streaming commissions.  I had wanted to do these every day, but just couldn’t keep up.  (I had other artistic obligation that restrained me)

Each one of these took me precisely 2 hours.  I enjoyed the hell out of them too.  I use a Render Brush in Painter 12, it has hard smooth edges, and just feels like sex rolling onto the image.  It let’s me go from doing broad thick strokes, to tiny hairline details without having to mess around too much with the brush size.