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Seven Naughty Dwarves

Seven Naughty Dwarves

So a frequent commissioner recently approached me with an idea. He wanted something special for the 20th image he’s gotten from me. Which… jeez thinking about it, that’s quite a lot. So he had this idea to do some R34 of all seven of the dwarves from that obscure and little known cartoon…

Naughty Doc and Naughty Happy

Doc always has those rolled up sleeves, Happy has a fat ass, the conclusion was as logical as porn gets.

Naughty Grumpy, Naughty Sleepy, and Naughty Bashful

Kinda obvious roles again. Although these play much more into their personality traits.

Naughty Dopey and Naughty Sneezey

Sneezy is keeping his sneezes in with his beard tied up around his nose. Seems the pressure built up somewhere else…

These were all done without major shading, making them more suitable for coloring. If anyone wants to do that, be my guest.